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Aquatics Center

In our Troy and Latham Stores, we have the most complete aquatics department for you.

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The Healthy Pet Centers fish department has been transformed from a small section of the store worth the occasional look, into the premier saltwater aquarium store in the Capitol District. With the guidance and leadership of fish department manager Matt Buckley, Matt was formerly the assistant curator/biologist at the Florida Aquarium and has had 15 years retail experience at other salt water specialty stores. Working closely with service technicians Jessica and Karissa who are experienced hobbyists, advanced aquarists and have excellent customer service have helped developed this into 2500 gallons of saltwater sales systems and 1000 gallons of freshwater and live aquatic plants. The Healthy Pet Center has the largest selections and widest variety of marine fish, invertebrates, corals, live rock, freshwater fish and aquatic plants in the area. With a strong focus on animal care, routine maintenance, water chemistry, compatibility, and disease control through our quarantining process. Healthy Pet has developed a strong reputation in the local fish and reef community as having healthy and pest free animals. With our focus on customer service and proper compatibility we are proud to say feedback from our customers is always very positive. We take the time to ask the necessary questions about hobbyists systems and in the long run this result is a more successful and gratifying experience for our customers.

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Here at The Healthy Pet Center we are constantly researching and testing the latest equipment and husbandry techniques. We carry a very wide variety of equipment and supplies for the beginner freshwater hobbyist to the most advanced and tech savvy reef aquarist. Healthy Pet Center has the most comprehensive selection of the latest and greatest equipment in the Industry with the vast majority in use and on display for our customers to check out. We will not and do not sell equipment or products we would not use on our store systems or our own home aquariums. The Healthy Pet Center values feedback from our customers about new products and uses this information in addition to hands on experience and product reviews and ratings to guide and expand our constantly evolving product line.

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Here at Healthy Pet Center we take our responsibility to encourage and promote the ethical treatment of these amazing animals very seriously. We do our best to support companies that carry MAC certified fish and purchase tank bred, farm raised, Mari cultured, or propagated animals whenever possible. The Hobby and industry has come a long way since its early days but still has a long way to go. The Healthy Pet Center is a proud dealer and supporter of the following:

• Aqua Illuminations • Aquatic Life • Aqueon • Brightwell Aquatics • Carib Sea • Deep Blue • Dynasty Marine • Ecotech marine • Exotic Sealife International • Hagen • Hikari • Hydor • Innovative Marine • Kessil • Marineland • Omega Sea • Oceans Reefs • Aquariums • Quality Marine • Reef Nutrition • Russo‚Äôs Reef • Sea Dwelling Creatures • Sicce • Sustainable Aquatics