It is our goal to never say no to a pet in need. We rescue local strays through shelters, owner surrenders and from puppy mills. We do this regardless of age and health. We work with a group of great volunteers and foster homes.

We treat them medically, emotionally and through rehabilitation. This may take weeks to months before they are ready for their forever homes. We thoroughly screen all applications and try to match up the perfect home environment for that particular dog or cat. There will be some that unfortunately due to health issues will live out their lives with us. We owe that to them, and we want them to be comfortable and happy no matter how long that may be.

Meeting Our Pets

Our cats can be met at the Healthy Pet Center at 237 N. Greenbush Rd. during normal business hours. Our dogs can be met at our adoption clinics and by appointment. If there is a particular pet you are interested in, please fill out an application.

Adoption Guidelines

We only adopt to within 1 hour of Albany, NY. Our application needs to be filled out in full. If we feel the pet you are interested in will work out based on your application, we will require Vet References and a home visit. The last thing we want to do after spending so much time with the pets, is to not find the perfect home and someone that will spoil them as much as we do. We want them to be happy and we want YOU to be happy with the pet you’ve adopted. It may take some time, but it is well worth it.